James and Buddy

Introducing Buddy, the small but HUGELY charismatic dachshund crossed staffy. During the shoot Buddy's sweet rescue dog nature shined, acting so calm and placid even posing comfortably on the skateboard, although like any good dog a good walk helps to keep him happy and pleased. Buddy is all class wearing his stylish bow tie when going out to get portraits at our professionally painted graffiti wall, although rocking the comfortable and casual flannel shirt with his best bud James in our 5 acre outdoor Perth Studio.

James is Buddy's best buddy, enjoying each others' presence, making it such a fun and enjoyable experience. Both equally as cool as each other, making for some gorgeous photos as they hung out on the skateboard, chilling under the veranda. 

It was such a pleasure having the Manuera family in, especially Buddy with his black, tan and white coat making for some stunning photos to be displayed in their home. Such a lovely family that made the shoot so enjoyable.

Holly and Jake...

Meet Jake! Jake was originally a successful pacer in his career going by the name 'Call me Lee' (race name). He now spends his time relaxing on 5 acres with his friend Bailey, enjoying the retired life. He has a lovely calm nature and is a great horse for people learning to ride.

Jake was so calm and relaxed while on the shoot at our Perth property. He even stopped to say 'Hi' to his reflection in the windows up at the main house. (He thought he had found another friend to play with). You could really see the bond he has with his owner, Holly.

As soon as Holly got on his back his eyes lit up with joy. What a privilege to photograph this beautiful animal. 

Thanks for bringing Jake in, Holly! We think your photos are just incredible. We love that you chose a series of close-up detail photos along with the energetic riding ones and the traditional portrait shots too. You really got it all! 


Our Gorgeous Studio

Our Perth location has custom built settings where you can have your photos taken.  We have custom designed our locations on iconic Perth locations, like the Fremantle Roundhouse, traditional Australian Farm Cottage and places that West Aussie's love to visit, like the beach, bush camping and fishing so we can capture personalised photos of you and your pets in a private space where you can relax. Let your pets enjoy out beautiful acreage, while we photograph them in their environment.


FARM COTTAGE and Veranda

The show piece of our Perth studio is our purpose built Farm Cottage, situated in the centre of our 5 acre property. The farm cottage has the rustic authenticity of buildings from the golden days of yore. Our cottage is complete with a beautiful wrap around Veranda. The rustic woods and bush background provides the perfect setting.



Our stunning Perth Boat Shed, bringing back wonderful memories of fun filled days spent whiling away the hours on the water. Incorporating rustic wood panelling of the shed, white sand and perfect little paddle boats, it provides a wonderful backdrop for those timeless memories.



 Surrounding our farm cottage is acres of natural Australian Bushland complete with paperbark trees, secret laneways, and wildflowers straight from the pages of your favourite fairytale. You will be enchanted as the golden light filters through the trees to the faces of your family.



The Old Truck has a character and charm all of its own. Perfect for lazy days on the back tray or for a little cuddle on the side. The old Fordson Tractor at our Perth studio is a fun place to capture the smiles of the kids and the passion of the working dogs.


If travel is your passion we have just the spot for you! Our majestic Egyptian Doors direct from Africa have the class and presence found in your travels of the world. The ornate iron work of the doors and deep burgundy tones are picture perfect too.


Our state-of-the-art Indoor Studio is equipped with everything to capture THE moment. Our highly skilled photographer will  use directional light to show off the details that you love and camouflage the ones that you don’t.


Graffiti Wall

The newest edition to our Perth Studio, is the professionally painted graffiti wall. This creates a perfect backdrop to capture both the tough and fun side of your loved ones. 


The star of our Bunbury studio is our Majestic Lake situated at the front of our property. The lake begs for long picnics and walks with your furry friend.

What do I wear to my shoot?

We know at Four Paws that it's all about the fur kids.. but when you want to be in a few of the photos as well, it's nice to look the part (after all- the fur kids have it pretty easy in the wardrobe department!)

Here's my easy guide to help you make your photos sweet as so you can enjoy them on the wall for years to come. I have been looking on the internet and finding the best combos of clothes to really help you choose from your wardrobe or give you the perfect excuse to go on a new shopping spree. 

Tip #1: Love it!  - Most importantly, bring stuff you love! Stuff you feel comfortable in. Stuff that makes you feel amazing.  Lack of comfort and confidence really affects your photos. Remember all those ’90’s portraits when guys were looking all awkward because they were forced to wear a suit and tie? That will not be you! I want you to look and feel amazing… I want you to rock the camera! 

Tip #2: Accessorize. Yep, this goes for guys and the Fur Kids too (more on that in a minute!). Seriously, accessories are key. They make a plain outfit look rad. Consider some of my favorites… hats (or other awesome headwear), belts, sweet shoes, a bow tie, vest, cowboy boots, crazy cool earrings, sunglasses, big bracelets, hair flowers… bring it! Let’s play!

Tip #3: Color. Definitely bring some black and some solid colors, but also please bring a few pieces with vibrant color. Blues, Yellows, Greens, Reds… I love color that pops! It could be an accessory… big yellow earrings, a purple belt or hat. It could be shoes… yellow Converse, red boots (personal fave). It could be a jacket, lipstick or a shirt. Just bring a few pieces to add a splash of color to make your photos POP!

Tip#4: Don’t Be Shy. You know how you see models in magazines wearing something ridiculous that you’d never wear in real life, but it looks super cool in the picture? Point given. Bring your normal every day clothes, but don’t be shy to bring something crazy and outrageous! I work with models and make them wear crazy stuff all the time, and you know what… those are the images that get the most attention. I know how to work it. If you really want a cool, unique look… rest assured, I will LOVE it that you brought that tiger costume, big furry onesie, or feather head dress. And I will make you look awesome.

Tip#5: OK, So I mentioned before about the Fur Kids and accessories.. Don't be afraid to bring your pets outfits and accessories along to the shoot! I love a pug dressed as piglet or a ballerina cat. It can be simple like a hat, cool collar or a bowtie, or a full-blown suit and tie. I love it all and it makes your photos that much more interesting too!

OK, I admit the unicorn dog might be a bit much, but you get the idea!

Just in case you still don't know what to wear... here's some outfit ideas to get you started.

Four Paws Photography Says G'day

Did you know that there’s 5 million pet owning households in Australia, and there’s 25 million pets which pips our actual population numbers?

From Red Dog to Bouncer, we’ve never adored having the unconditional love that our two or four legged friends bring our families.

Photographed at our outdoor studio

Four Paws photography was created to bring the art of photography to life with a focus on our fur friends. As animal lovers we know it takes a simple interaction or a look of the eye to bring our day’s to it’s peak, and we adore capturing those moments.

We know that today we can capture shots on our smartphones, and we welcome that. What we take pride in is creating an environment where our pets can play and have fun, whilst we snap hundreds and thousands of shots with our industry leading equipment, using our studio or bushland natural lighting which delivers the most epic of images.

You then get to spend time in our theatre to chose what shot tells the story of your pet in his or her best light, and then chose the artwork and frames that can live in your home forever and a day more.

Client Canvas Artwork displayted in their home

Headed up by a team with more than 20 years of photography experience, we have the passion and talent to move as fast (or slow) as your pet.

It’s simple. It’s your experience. Our skills and equipment, and it’s your selection of shots and frames.


Check in from time to time and see our shots, and read our latest news. We look forward to hearing from you.

Four Paws