James and Buddy

Introducing Buddy, the small but HUGELY charismatic dachshund crossed staffy. During the shoot Buddy's sweet rescue dog nature shined, acting so calm and placid even posing comfortably on the skateboard, although like any good dog a good walk helps to keep him happy and pleased. Buddy is all class wearing his stylish bow tie when going out to get portraits at our professionally painted graffiti wall, although rocking the comfortable and casual flannel shirt with his best bud James in our 5 acre outdoor Perth Studio.

James is Buddy's best buddy, enjoying each others' presence, making it such a fun and enjoyable experience. Both equally as cool as each other, making for some gorgeous photos as they hung out on the skateboard, chilling under the veranda. 

It was such a pleasure having the Manuera family in, especially Buddy with his black, tan and white coat making for some stunning photos to be displayed in their home. Such a lovely family that made the shoot so enjoyable.