What do I wear to my shoot?

We know at Four Paws that it's all about the fur kids.. but when you want to be in a few of the photos as well, it's nice to look the part (after all- the fur kids have it pretty easy in the wardrobe department!)

Here's my easy guide to help you make your photos sweet as so you can enjoy them on the wall for years to come. I have been looking on the internet and finding the best combos of clothes to really help you choose from your wardrobe or give you the perfect excuse to go on a new shopping spree. 

Tip #1: Love it!  - Most importantly, bring stuff you love! Stuff you feel comfortable in. Stuff that makes you feel amazing.  Lack of comfort and confidence really affects your photos. Remember all those ’90’s portraits when guys were looking all awkward because they were forced to wear a suit and tie? That will not be you! I want you to look and feel amazing… I want you to rock the camera! 

Tip #2: Accessorize. Yep, this goes for guys and the Fur Kids too (more on that in a minute!). Seriously, accessories are key. They make a plain outfit look rad. Consider some of my favorites… hats (or other awesome headwear), belts, sweet shoes, a bow tie, vest, cowboy boots, crazy cool earrings, sunglasses, big bracelets, hair flowers… bring it! Let’s play!

Tip #3: Color. Definitely bring some black and some solid colors, but also please bring a few pieces with vibrant color. Blues, Yellows, Greens, Reds… I love color that pops! It could be an accessory… big yellow earrings, a purple belt or hat. It could be shoes… yellow Converse, red boots (personal fave). It could be a jacket, lipstick or a shirt. Just bring a few pieces to add a splash of color to make your photos POP!

Tip#4: Don’t Be Shy. You know how you see models in magazines wearing something ridiculous that you’d never wear in real life, but it looks super cool in the picture? Point given. Bring your normal every day clothes, but don’t be shy to bring something crazy and outrageous! I work with models and make them wear crazy stuff all the time, and you know what… those are the images that get the most attention. I know how to work it. If you really want a cool, unique look… rest assured, I will LOVE it that you brought that tiger costume, big furry onesie, or feather head dress. And I will make you look awesome.

Tip#5: OK, So I mentioned before about the Fur Kids and accessories.. Don't be afraid to bring your pets outfits and accessories along to the shoot! I love a pug dressed as piglet or a ballerina cat. It can be simple like a hat, cool collar or a bowtie, or a full-blown suit and tie. I love it all and it makes your photos that much more interesting too!

OK, I admit the unicorn dog might be a bit much, but you get the idea!

Just in case you still don't know what to wear... here's some outfit ideas to get you started.