Four Paws Photography Says G'day

Did you know that there’s 5 million pet owning households in Australia, and there’s 25 million pets which pips our actual population numbers?

From Red Dog to Bouncer, we’ve never adored having the unconditional love that our two or four legged friends bring our families.

Photographed at our outdoor studio

Four Paws photography was created to bring the art of photography to life with a focus on our fur friends. As animal lovers we know it takes a simple interaction or a look of the eye to bring our day’s to it’s peak, and we adore capturing those moments.

We know that today we can capture shots on our smartphones, and we welcome that. What we take pride in is creating an environment where our pets can play and have fun, whilst we snap hundreds and thousands of shots with our industry leading equipment, using our studio or bushland natural lighting which delivers the most epic of images.

You then get to spend time in our theatre to chose what shot tells the story of your pet in his or her best light, and then chose the artwork and frames that can live in your home forever and a day more.

Client Canvas Artwork displayted in their home

Headed up by a team with more than 20 years of photography experience, we have the passion and talent to move as fast (or slow) as your pet.

It’s simple. It’s your experience. Our skills and equipment, and it’s your selection of shots and frames.


Check in from time to time and see our shots, and read our latest news. We look forward to hearing from you.

Four Paws