Rigaletto, the 75kg Mastiff and his little buddy Junior

Woah! What an awesome shoot! We have a lot of amazing dogs come through our Perth Photography Studio, but Rigaletto has to be one of the biggest dogs we have seen throughout our many years of photographing pets. Rigaletto is a 75kg Mastiff, which are known to grow up to the weight of a whopping 100kg 😲! The pictures truly can't capture how huge Rigaletto is, but one thing we were able to capture is his calm temperament. He is such a placid and calm-natured animal, occasionally during the shoot he would just have a lay down in our lovely green grass of the 5 acre outdoor studio. Regaletto's owner, Leah, actually used to breed Mastiffs, meaning Regaletto was extremely well trained and made for a great model, especially for being such a huge dog he was happy to pose where needed. 

Regaletto's best friend is Junior, an eleven year old Staffy cross. These two don't let the size difference get in the way of their friendship, with them happily running after a ball together while going for walks with their owners, Leah and Neil. Junior absolutely LOVES playing fetch, retrieving and shredding his squeaky toys. Jane managed to capture some truly stunning photos of Junior chasing the ball, but by far the picture that speaks a 1000 words is of Neil with pure panic on his face as he realised he threw the ball directly at Jane, with Junior determined to retrieve it (second last photo), thankfully Jane didn't get seriously hurt 😊 

Neil and Leah came all the way done from Karratha to get their photos taken at our Perth studio, and we are so glad they did as we captured some truly stunning moments allowing them to remember them forever πŸ˜ƒ