professional pet photography

Pets are Family too....

I got my first pet when I was 5 years old.

I remember how excited I was to have this cute little ball of fluff as my new best friend and imagined all the great adventures we would share.

Pets give life a special meaning. They see only the best in their humans and never the bad. They are loyal companions to the end and that is something truly special in this world. So much joy and love will come with owning a pet and it is no surprise that people want to capture these memories forever. Animal photography is becoming more popular especially here at Four Paws in Perth and these are some the reasons why it is a great idea to create beautiful art works with your pet:

Every Pet is Unique.

My first kitten was pitch black with huge green eyes and for some reason I thought it was a great idea to name him Rambo. Rambo did not disappoint. He lived up to his name and was by far the craziest cat ever! Hiding behind walls and jumping out to surprise me, nibbling on my ears while watching TV and randomly jumping sideways were some of the hilarious things he would do. He was absolutely gorgeous.

Every animal is so different and special. Some are gentle and placid while others are a bit crazy and wild. Your pets uniqueness is something that can be captured on camera by our talented professional pet photographers and having these photos for a lifetime will preserve these memories and take you back on some great adventures.

Great Stories that can be shared for a lifetime.

Every photo comes with a story, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. People have their children, weddings and other special occasions professionally photographed all the time. Why not have your precious fur baby photographed? After all they are a big part of our family and lives. These photos can be shared for years to come with family, friends, children and grandchildren. I bet there will be great stories that come with photographing your fur baby.

Amazing Wall Art

I absolutely love adding photographs of animals as a feature piece in certain areas of the house. The opportunity to have your pet featured in the artwork adds a personal touch to your Wall Art. Why not fill your walls with great canvas pieces of your animals instead of adding a random stock image of a horse or dog. Here at Four paws, we have an absolutely stunning setting on 5 acres as well as a large, state-of-the-art indoor studio. Our award winning professional pet photographers can add an individual and extra special quality to your photos to match any style of furniture or setting. Having a statement piece in your house that brings out your style and personality as well as your pet's individuality and special quirks is something that we are really proud of.

Wall Art. Showcase your best images in stunning detail.