Leyna goes to the Beach....

Join us on an adventure to Mullaloo Beach with Leyna and Corinne!

It's not often that we go out onto location for a photo shoot! We have (almost) everything available at our fingertips at our studios in Perth and Bunbury. 

Corinne came to us with a vision of what she wanted for her house. Amazing Wall Art to finish off her beautifully decorated home. She had already perfected every detail (dining table from Freedom, cushions, couch, starfish.. the list goes on) All that was missing was some personalised Wall Art. I knew the minute I saw the photos of her home (Corinne took some snaps of the spaces she wanted her hang her wall art) that we had to go the the beach!

Now don't get me wrong... I don't go onto location. I LOVE shooting at our studios... but every now and then there's a special someone and a special something. This is one of those times.

Bianca and I wanted to create something exceptional for Corinne's house. Before we knew it, we were in full-swing planning mode! Balloons, eyelashes, new outfits, guitar, GHD for soft curls, sand and waves... 

And the wind.

One of the big advantages of our outdoor studios: We are very protected from the wind... The beach does not offer this same protection. But.. you know what..?!?!  I Love a challenge.

Wind? bring it! Waves? YES please! Sand. Yup. There was sand... lots of sand.

So here's the thing: The camera doesn't feel the cold. Or the Wind. It just sees the light and Oh Boy! The sunset light! Oh My Goodnesss!!!!! Magic! (OK, maybe i'm being a bit precious about the cold, but my toes were without doubt frozen at the end). 

Bianca had planned the shoot with Corinne over the phone and came along for the adventure. (thank goodness!) We captured some iPhone footage to show you what we get up to behind the scenes.

We hope you love watching a little behind-the-scenes of what we get up to and how much fun we have doing it! Check out some of the EPIC shots we got!!!

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